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Gonna keep it short, since I tend towards bloviation :)

Renovations are ongoing! Presently I am finishing up a system to easily access data from the server in order to decouple the web design from the game mechanics.

I've decided to go back over the 'help alacrity' section and rewrite the code entirely instead of re-sleeving it into the new design (wont work, its hideous), because it contains mechanics fundamental to alacrity itself.

Made a lot of boring technical progress this week, help ala section will be re-finished around friday!

you can follow along by logging in on , test and seeing for yourself
Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jun 26, 2022

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issue hub fixed on test


the issue hub has been rewritten, mostly from scratch. With it comes the ability to create new departments, access levels, and knowledge base searching!.works great on mobile.

This is important, as I suspect when it becomes time to cut over to the new setup, there will be bugs, and we'll need a ticket system that works properly on mobile devices, since most people these days use their phones/tablets for everything.

With it complete, the next step is to redo what has been done and optimize the new framework and organize the files

There are about 300-500 scripts in total to go through on the site, with no particular organization. This makes it challenging to know what needs to be redone and what not. I am about 1/4 to 1/3 done so far.

After reorganization, the next step will be to finish off all the remaining files in the 'help alacrity' section.

Keep in mind, this is by no means the final design in terms of borders , color scheme etc. this will all be retouched.

and my hope is to allow users to upload their own themes and share them with the community!
Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jun 15, 2022

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progress on rennovation

the 'help alacrity' section , aka 'donate' is nearly finished

it took a long weekend to clean the support system up. its still not quite finished and ready to go, but it is nearly so.

1-2 days more and the donation section will be complete!

after this, I will move on to 'socialize'.

from there, we start to get into the 'game proper' . I will need to be very careful whilst cleaning this part. I estimate 1-2 EACH weeks to clean 'life' and 'earthly goods'

so I would say total ETA about 3 weeks to a month until we can proceed with full testing of new layout and code.

the final steps after this will be to add new content! sit tight. its coming!
Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jun 13, 2022

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